Process Development


The marketing company used stock photography in their creative work, working with a watermarked comp until image and cost had client approval.  Once approved, a usage license must be purchased prior to releasing the work.  There was no process in place so license purchase was often forgotten until the day of release causing rushed work and missed deadlines.  With no time for price approval, company was forced to absorb these costs.


Several departments were affected and since each had different needs to be addressed the procedure had to include a way to gather, prepare and distribute information throughout the company.


Recognizing this need, I gathered various department heads to evaluate the situation and collect feedback on how to address this issue.  After developing a step-by-step process including a quote form and timeline I met again with various departments to gain approval and distributed the procedure. Strategy included:

  • Obtain image number and vendor information from art department
  • Complete quote form and forward to client services for approval
  • Process purchase order and buy needed license
  • Forward final image to art for placement
  • Provide costs to accounting


Image licenses are secured during development of the work, deadlines are met and job profitability is increased.