Custom File Storage


The direct marketing agency created direct mail pieces for their clients and kept samples for reference and to show existing and prospective clients. A system was needed so everyone could easily access this important material and I was asked to “clean up this mess”.


  • Large volume of samples ranging in size from a 3” x 5” postcard to a 9” x 12” enrollment package
  • With no system in place, samples were scattered throughout the building
  • System had to accommodate incoming flow of new samples as well as include a process for reducing quantities of older work to manage available space


  • Work with creative department, account managers and new business division to determine how samples are to be accessed: by date, client name, category…
  • Design a storage method to accommodate the variety of sizes and shapes
  • Present system and budget to stakeholders for approval

I determined that using clear plastic storage boxes allowed flexibility for various sizes and kept the samples clean and undamaged. After determining what size boxes shelves could accommodate, I  submitted my proposal and budget for approval.

The next step was to order supplies, then locate samples (found in storage cabinets, offices and boxes all over the building) and start the sorting and organizing process.


Six months later, the work was complete! Access to samples increased 95% and I won Employee of the Quarter for this work.  Seven years later this file system is still in use.